Thursday, November 6, 2008

It's beginning to feel a... bit too early?

I've heard Christmas music twice today, once while getting breakfast, and the other at Sebastian's when I went to get my salad at lunch.

Is this going to be the trend, that until December 26th I will hear Christmas music at every meal? I will by no means be playing Christmas music while cooking at home until at least Thanksgiving (well fine, maybe Charlie Brown's Christmas once or twice, but it will only be because the genius made me.) Perhaps this is a sign that I should in fact be cooking more at home, but then again, I doubt it.

When is the appropriate time to start playing Christmas music in a public place? I always figured the benchmark was Thanksgiving, but after today's events transpired, I'm beginning to think I might be wrong.

(I'm definitely not hating on Christmas music. In fact I'm all about it.)

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Harsh said...

Speaking of which, the motif of this blog is very Christmas as well. Think blurred holiday lights. I'm getting in the mood already, it must be the fact that it gets dark at 4:00pm nowadays. I'll have to drop by Macy's to see what the wreathes per square foot ratio is..