Monday, November 10, 2008

Gender Blogging

Our blog appears to be gender neutral (with a slight preference for male)

As an experiment in gender, I've decided to write you a blog post about blog duties based on the fifteen words most frequently used by blogboys and bloggirls.

Remembering to update your blog can be as hard as remembering your Mom on Mommy's day. We should get Google to promote a "National Blog Day," where every Blogger user gets reminded to update their blog's programming. Gosh, sometimes I think we should outsource our blogging duties to India, even though it might benefit our economic situation to husband our blogs locally. Also, tip your server when you settle the tab.

It's time we cried of our duties to the democracy of the blogosphere instead of idly gaming away the day. Members of all digital nations get to have their own data, from Microsoft users to Linux users. Don't be freaked out by this opportunity, be tickled pink!

We all understand, it be hard to maintain a boyfriend, a hubby, and a blog, no matter how adorable they are. No matter how many 'GBs' your 'software' is, you can't give everyone your kisses. Not to be graphic, but sometimes you've just got to take off your shopping skirt and bare your cute, yummy blog ass to the world.


Robby Ramdin said...


Robby Ramdin said...

And clearly it's not me pulling everybody down to the gender neutral category. got 94% man.

nate said...

haha, I had to recalculate based on your unexpected, wicked manly post earlier today, cause I'd been working on that post since yesterday