Thursday, November 6, 2008

Abstinence Only

Chris and I have begun No-Bev-Ember (it looks better with caps) heard it here first. At first I was planning to refrain from a public announcement, as failure would then mean public disgrace. With the cat out of the bag, there is now more pressure which will hopefully equate to more success. In case you are lagging behind the topic, the wonderfully titled Nobevember is a joint effort by Chris and myself to avoid alcoholic beverages for an entire month (with the exception of one day of our choosing). This endeavor shall serve many purposes: saving money, decreasing our tolerances, saving calories, and proving that "we can stop whenever we want."

At the time of writing, we have been at it for about 42 hours. I remember my last drink quite fondly. It was a shallow glass of champagne at about 11:30 on the evening of November 4th. We raised our glasses and threw back a gulp in celebration of Obama's victory. That is a fitting time to take a hiatus. I don't know what I'll miss more...Pinot Noirs? or maybe Brown Ale? In any case, reducing alcohol consumption is the most sure-fire way to reduce cigarette smoking.

Nobevember will also be an interesting foray into my roots. I didn't have a full drink of alcohol until the June after my senior year of high school. I opted for healthy living housing at Tufts and didn't drink heavily until the end of my first year (with the exception of a few night during Orientation week, but those are stories for a different day). Now I consume alcohol almost every day, to the point of drunkeness around three times a week. While I do not believe, for the most part, that I behave like an alcoholic, I do meet the consumption requisites. I am not converting to a lifestyle of teetotalism, just experimenting with living a dry life.


nate said...

that probably would have come up pretty soon, like tomorrow or the next day

Chris said...

Nate, you're comments logic is far beyond my comprehension. I was going to use the excuse that the St. Pauli girl is just too attractive, and ordering anything else would be a let-down.

Steve said...

Let the internet record show that this was a failed experiment.