Tuesday, July 6, 2010


I've always thought it would be fun to do journaling. There's only one problem: that's a broad category. What would I do? Write fiction? Write down ideas? My mother and sister practice journaling by writing down good bands names they think of, like Untainted Bubbles (admittedly, they're not all that good). The also write down ideas for inventions, like the Life-Sized Chocolate Man, a must have for any single woman.

I've decided to start simple. I rather superficially write down my days' activities on our house calendar. It's not terribly philosophic or deep, but I find it useful surprisingly frequently. Last Friday, Steve and I were trying to figure out when the last day we had seen each other was. We couldn't. I looked it up on the calendar, and--voila!--there is was.

Here's a little breakdown of my month of June:

  • 17 days at work at Lime Brokerage
  • 1 day working from home/the iPhone line
  • 1 day in Connecticut
  • 4 days in Rochester/Syracuse
  • 2 days in Vermont
  • 146 miles of biking

With the calendar in mind, I thought of other stats I could easily gather:

  • Number of items "read" on Google Reader: 4,489
  • Number of items shared on Google Reader: 75
  • Number of personal e-mails sent: 29
  • Number of work e-mails sent: 183

I think journaling in any form is a valuable activity, because one can forget to remember what they do in the blur of life. It'll be nice to have these calendars to look back on some day. Hopefully it'll provide some modicum of reassurance that my twenties weren't entirely wasted!


Hmm said...

Life size chocolate man is totally from 30 Rock :D

Harsha said...

I´m with you man. My grandpa has kept a journal of daily activities (nothing particularly deep but vey interesting to read) for over 50 years! win.